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Wisconsin, WI | LPN to RN Nursing School Program

Why Take an LPN to RN Program in Wisconsin?

After working for a few years as a Licensed Practical Nurse, one may wish to take the next step on the nursing career ladder and become a Registered Nurse. RNs make fifty percent more than LPNs in Wisconsin, on average, and have a wider range of jobs with greater responsibility to choose from—both valid reasons to enroll in the one-year program.

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How to Take an LPN to RN Program in Wisconsin

To enter a LPN to Registered Nurse education program in Wisconsin, one must provide LPN transcripts, proof of current licensure, and any volunteer or work experience references. Entry is competitive, so it is good to make sure your application stands out any way it can. Once a student begins studies, it takes a year to prepare for the NCLEX-RN licensure exam through courses in advanced biology and physiology, nutrition and communication, and nursing specific management, leadership, assessment, treatment and beyond.

To take the licensure exam, students must first apply to the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing and pay the $90 application fee. Applications can take up to a month before processing and approval, at which point students pay $200 to Pearson Vue to take the test. Pass rates are above 85 percent and temporary licensure is receivable for an additional $10 during the application process. Once passing results are confirmed, an LPN has taken a step up the health care ladder and is ready to reap the rewards of greater knowledge, skills, job prospects and wages.