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West Virginia, WV - RN to BSN Nursing School Program

An RN to BSN program appeals to currently working Registered Nurses in West Virginia who want to improve their education and job prospects. Although the program officially takes two years, NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams allow students to skip courses in which they have already gained the knowledge required on the job, meaning it is possible to earn a BSN in just one year of study. Lastly, RN to BSN programs in West Virginia offer flexible class schedules and online courses, which means that RNs can continue to work as they upgrade their education.

Once accepted into an RN to BSN program—good grades and workplace recommendations can greatly improve your chances—course work delves quickly into advanced assessment and treatment skills, as well as progressive concepts and theories that go beyond the baseline knowledge of a Registered Nurse and require considerable critical thinking. There is also time to take some electives from general studies and expand knowledge of outside areas that may apply to the direction one wishes to take their nursing career. There is no final test, just a minimum graduating GPA—which can be as low as a C average, but is often higher—and Registered Nurses leave the program with newfound knowledge and skills that open up a plethora of new opportunities within all fields of health care from the public to the private sphere.