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Nursing Schools in Vermont, VT

As Vermont is a fairly small state, the options for education are somewhat limited—just one LPN education program exists in the state. However, there are five options for Registered Nurse education, split between two ADN programs and three BSN programs. If the programs in Vermont do not provide an ideal mix of tuition costs, course offerings, and pass rates for a particular student—although they should be just fine for the majority of aspiring nurses—one may wish to extend their nursing education program search outside the state; because they are licensed via a nationally-standardized test, a nursing education earned anywhere in the US can often be easily transferred back to one’s home state.

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Nursing Schools Through Online Programs in Vermont

Another option besides going outside the state of Vermont to earn your nursing degree is to enroll in an online nursing school. Because the nursing field is highly regulated and overseen nationally, it makes it easy to earn an online degree and sit for the NCLEX to become a registered nurse in Vermont.
An excellent resource for accredited nursing schools in Vermont, as well as extensive information on licensure, nursing certification, and continuing education is the Vermont State Board of Nursing.[1] From LNA to APRN information and forms, all the way to lists of accredited nursing schools in Vermont, the board of nursing site will prove to be an invaluable resource for you as you research your options in traditional and distance education programs.

Selecting an Online Nursing Program
Online programs can allow you to earn your degree without significantly interrupting your daily life. Choosing which program to enroll in might seem daunting, but there are a number of things you can research to help you make your decision.

  • Location. Though the majority of your nursing coursework will be completed online, there are mandatory clinical training hours that you will fulfill. Vermont isn’t an expansive state, but it is helpful if the online nursing program matches you with a clinic that is nearby. Research to find out where you will be completing your required clinical training hours before enrolling in an online school.
  • Cost. When you enter an online nursing program, you will likely save money that you otherwise would’ve spent on gas, parking, or other transportation fees. It is helpful to compare the different online nursing schools’ tuition rates and cost of textbooks. Pay attention to any additional course fees as well.
  • Schedule. One benefit of earning an online nursing degree is that you can choose to take an accelerated nursing program, work at a traditional pace, or even complete courses one at a time. Research which options are available to you at the different schools.

Earnings for Registered Nurses in Vermont

Whether you decide to pursue a traditional or online nursing degree in Vermont, it is beneficial to know how much you’ll make as one of Vermont’s registered nurses. According to reports, the annual median income for registered nurses in Vermont is $56,930 to $64,950.[2] When you compare these amounts to the $50,619 overall income for the state of Vermont, it helps to see that a traditional or online nursing degree will potentially afford you a lucrative career.[3]

Cities in Vermont, VT Most Likely To Have Nursing School Programs: Looking for a nursing school program or course in your area? Chances are there is a campus close by. If not, don’t give up too soon. Nursing Degrees and Schools in Vermont can be available via online programs, which are accredited and very useful to enter the health care sectors in Vermont, VT. Commonly nursing schools are available from or in the following cities: Burlington, South Burlington, Rutland, Montpelier

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