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How to Become a Nurse in Vermont, VT

Although there aren’t a huge number of nursing programs in Vermont, most students choose to enter a Registered Nurse (RN) education program following high school graduation. Despite the option of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in just a year, RNs make 50 percent more per year upon average than LPNs, and have a wider variety of job options. Plus, one can become a Vermont Registered Nurse in as little as two years of study.

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The quicker option to becoming a Vermont RN is through a two year Associate Degree, Nursing (ADN). However, around half of the Vermont nursing students choose to take a four year Bachelor of Science, Nursing (BSN) instead. While both programs ensure that students leave as competent nurses with extensive patient care, assessment, and nurse management skills, BSN students graduate with further skills and knowledge pertaining to theoretical concepts in nursing, health research, and a variety of specialized topics of particular personal interest through elective course work. Thus, BSN students are better prepared for a wider variety of workplace settings and management positions.

Regardless of which program one chooses, all prospective Vermont Registered Nurses must take and pass the NCLEX exam to become a licensed RN. It is a nationally-standardized test, and it ensures that students are ready to begin work as a competent and safe Vermont nurse.
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For extensive information on how to become a nurse in Vermont, such as alternative nursing licenses and education programs, nursing jobs, wages, and duties, and beyond, visit our Vermont nursing page.