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Texas, TX | CNA Certification Training Programs

Depending on your goals and qualifications to meet the CNA requirements in Texas, TX you should answer a few basic questions before you proceed on the right education path. 

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With increasing needs for entry-level health care professionals, CNA’s in Texas are in high demand. CNA’s in the state—also known as a “Certified Nurse Aide”—usually work in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and home health care settings, but also find employment in clinics and hospitals. Full time Certified Nursing Assistants in Texas average around $21,000 per year (according to plus benefits, which is below the national average, but reflects the low cost of living in the state. With high demand from employers, Texas is an attractive place to begin a career in the health industry as a CNA.

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Texas CNA Training

CNA training in Texas is regulated by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services . Training courses must include at least 75 of training, with at least 51 hours in the classroom and at least 24 hours of hands-on training in a workplace setting. There is no minimum education requirement to enter a program and become a CNA in Texas. As per federal law, it is possible to receive reimbursement for training and examination costs if employed as a Nurse Aide before, during, or within twelve months of completion of the program, making it very affordable to enter a health care career as a CNA.

CNA License in Texas

CNA licenses in Texas are provided after testing by Pearson Vue , who also provides practice tests and more. The test consists of both a written test of knowledge (which can also be taken as an oral exam for an extra $13) and a skills test, and costs $83. Once one has successfully passed the CNA test they will be placed on the Texas Nurse Aide Registry. Certification must be renewed every two years with proof of at least eight of employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant over the same time period.

CNA Courses in Texas

There are literally hundreds of state-approved Certified Nursing Assistant courses in Texas from colleges to clinics and private facilities, searchable by on the Texas Department of aging and Disability Services’ , ensuring it will be easy to find a CNA training program near you.