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Tennessee, TN | LPN Nursing Program Information

Why Do a Tennessee LPN to RN Program?

Working LPNs in Tennessee who want to increase their earning potential, take their education further, and increase their range of work opportunities should seriously consider an LPN to RN training program. Average wages for Tennessee Registered Nurses are one and a half times the average wages for Licensed Practical Nurses, and work opportunities outside of direct health care settings abound, as well as positions of much greater responsibility within hospitals, doctor’s offices and other health care facilities.

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How to Take an LPN to RN Program in Tennessee

Previous transcripts from LPN training and employer recommendations are both necessary when applying to a Tennessee LPN too RN program. Once accepted, classes last one year and focus mainly upon expanding a nurses knowledge of nursing procedures including team management in a patient care setting, advanced care strategies, and some student-selected courses from general studies to further expand a nurse’s intellectual horizons.

A LPN to RN training program in Tennessee culminates with the RN licensure test called the NCLEX-RN. The test is very similar to the NCLEX-PN in that it is administered by Pearson Vue for $200 and tests nursing skills and knowledge through the same advanced methods. And like the LPN version, it also requires application to the Tennessee Board of Nursing and payment of a small application fee. The NCLEX-RN is a little more rigorous than the NCLEX-PN but in Tennessee pass rates are much higher than the national median, at close to 93 percent over the past several years.