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South Dakota, SD - RN to BSN Nursing School Program

South Dakota Registered Nurses who received licensure via an Associate’s Degree can upgrade to a BSN via an RN to BSN education program. Via online courses and flexible scheduling, it is possible to continue to work while enrolled in the program, and NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams can speed the degree to as little as a year by testing current workplace knowledge and letting nurses skip courses in which they have learned the material on the job.

To apply to a South Dakota RN to BSN education program one needs to provide transcripts from previous training and strong workplace recommendations—it is important to note that entry can be quite competitive, so there is no guarantee of acceptance, and good grades and references can go a long way in ensuring entry. Once enrolled, course work builds upon previous training to develop knowledge of complex theories, concepts and practices in nursing, as well as offering the opportunity to specialize via student-selected electives. There is no final test, just a graduating GPA, which can be as low as a C average but is often higher—this varies from school to school. And graduates leave the program with newfound knowledge that offers diverse new job opportunities and the ability to climb the ladder in the current workplace, as well as the opportunity to pursue a Master’s Degree or Advanced Practice Nurse licensure.