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Oregon, OR - RN to BSN Nursing School Program

If you are an RN in Oregon but received licensure via a two year degree, an Oregon RN to BSN education program can increase your knowledge and job prospects—and can be completed while continuing to work, and sometimes in as little as a year. This is possible via online course work, flexible classes, and NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams, which offer advanced placement based on knowledge acquired on the job.

To apply to an RN to BSN in Oregon, good grades in RN training and references from current superiors are necessary. And once enrolled, courses focus upon advanced nursing practice, theory, and concepts, as well as covering student-selected topics in particular areas of interest, like radiology, pharmacology, and community health programming. To graduate, one need only achieve a minimum GPA, which can be as low as a 2.5, but is sometimes higher. Students leave the program with new knowledge and abilities that can lead to higher placement in current workplaces, graduate studies in nursing, licensure as an Advanced Practice Nurse, and new job opportunities.