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Ohio, OH | LPN to BSN Nursing School Program

While working as an LPN in Ohio may be more than enough for some, it also opens the door towards many more opportunities for training and advancement in the field of Nursing in Ohio. For instance, an LPN who returns to full time study can receive a Bachelor of Science, Nursing (BSN), in under three years—a little bit more if choosing to study part time—and move towards many more specialized careers that are not an option for Licensed Practical Nurses.

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Just like an Associate Degree, Nursing (ADN), a BSN culminates with testing via the NCLEX-RN, the licensure examination to become a Registered Nurse. But a BSN also provides the flexibility to choose specialized areas of study that appeal to a BSN candidate. From management to rehab, maternity and beyond, normal RN jobs are commonplace after a BSN. In addition, a BSN can open doors outside of patient care settings such as government-funded public health boards and private companies, who both need skilled researchers, generally look to hire BSNs over ADNs. From drug and disease research to instruction of entry-level nursing assistants, a BSN provides access to countless different workplace settings—and further ability for an RN to decide where they want to work.

Coursework in an LPN to BSN program includes general education requirements, such as math and English, science courses such as pharmacology, and targeted nursing theory courses and clinical study. The majority of the program, of course, is spent in nursing-specific courses with a wide range of subjects such as mental health, medication, pediatrics, adult care, and even legal courses related to nursing to name a few. Indeed, an LPN to BSN program provides the time and diversity necessary to pursue the areas of nursing that the student finds the most interesting, allowing one to find a path that suits their own personal goals.