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Become a Nurse Manager | Program and School Info

Nurse managers are experienced nurses that supervise their counterparts.  A Nurse Manager will make sure nurses have the equipment, skills, and education they need to work at their best, and support them in that.  They observe and evaluate the work of their team members, are involved in the hiring and firing of nurses as necessary, budgeting, and contributing to the further professional development of their team members.  A Nurse Manager position is highly demanding, requiring a wide array of skills and a lot of responsibility.

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Work Environment for a Nurse Manager

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and larger physicians offices all need Nurse Managers. Government offices and schools may also need Nurse Managers.  In some settings, a Nurse Manager may spend the majority of their time in an office, taking care of day to day functions, while others may spend more time observing and assisting their team.

Nurse Manager College Education and Training

To be a Nurse Manager, you will need business management skills as well as the usual caring nature and education that a nurse requires.  Generally, a Nurse Manager position will require that you be a Registered Nurse (RN), and have your Bachelor's of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN).  Additionally, the position may also require business and management courses and/or a certification in Nurse Management.  Courses and certification may be available through vocational nursing schools, hospital, or most commonly through nursing associations and organizations.
Some nurse managers may even have Bachelor's Degrees specifically in Health Administration, in addition to their BSN and being a Registered Nurse.  These Nurse Managers are in an excellent position to advance to more senior administrative and executive roles in hospitals and other larger health care facilities.

A specific Nurse Manager license is not required.

Nurse manager Job Outlook and Salaries

Demand for Nurse Managers is growing, and expected to continue to be strong, especially for those who gain experience working in large hospitals.  According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care managers made $80,240 on average, with the top 10% earning more than $137,000.  Obviously, Nurse Management is a very lucrative career opportunity.

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