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RN Nursing Programs in North Dakota - ND

How to Become an RN in North Dakota

Aspiring Registered Nurses in North Dakota must pick between the shorter Associate Degree, Nursing (ADN) program, which takes two years, and the longer Bachelor’s Degree, Nursing (BSN), which takes four years once enrolled.

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Entry into either RN educational pathway requires good grades in around a dozen pre-nursing courses, which cover introductory topics that introduce nurses to mental health through psychology and sociology, and also physiological processes through classes like biology and chemistry. Once enrolled, most of the classes in both a BSN and an ADN cover nursing theory and practice, while also providing several general studies classes in areas like physiology, pharmacology, and psychology. The big difference between the two programs, though, is that ADNs immediately dive into more practical realms of nursing practice while BSNs have a bit more time and focus more on building blocks for advanced practice and theory in the first couple years—but this is not to say they do not receive ample practical training as well. Nevertheless, the opportunity to pursue advanced skills and knowledge with specialized applications is why fifty percent of the RN students in North Dakota to take a BSN—that, and the fact that it leaves the door open for further studies once graduated.

Both a Bachelor’s Degree and an Associate’s Degree of Nursing end in the same Registered Nurse licensure exam called the NCLEX-RN. It is a comprehensive test of nursing skills and knowledge and application for the test costs $130 through the North Dakota Board of Nursing and the test itself runs through Pearson Vue’s national testing services at a price of $200. The test is the final step to becoming a Registered Nurse and entering the biggest and fastest growing group of health care professionals in North Dakota—the culmination of years of study and your ticket to the dynamic world of professional nursing.

RN Salary and Jobs in North Dakota

In North Dakota, a licensed Registered Nurses average annual salary is $59,000 (according to Roughly two-thirds of RNs work in hospitals, where they oversee LPNs and other nursing assistants in patient care and work closely with doctors and other staff members to create and adjust patient care plans. Beyond the hospital, there are also work opportunities in nursing homes, doctor’s offices, local government health administration offices and the education system. As the largest group of health care professionals in the United States, the ranks of Registered Nurses continue to grow—they are perhaps the most in-demand health professionals in the country.