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Nursing Schools in New Mexico, NM

There are 22 state approved nursing schools in New Mexico, ranging from two universities offering baccalaureate degrees to eleven schools that offer one year Licensed Practical Nurse programs and two year Associate Degree in Nursing programs. The New Mexico Board of Nursing provides a list of these programs and contact information organized by degree .

Nursing Schools Through Online Programs in New Mexico

Advantages of Online Nursing Courses
Not long ago, the idea of going back to school or achieving an advanced degree was an unattainable feat for most people. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to earn a degree, change careers, and even earn an advanced education without ever having to sacrifice your career. There are many other advantages of taking online courses that you may not have considered.

  • Learn at your pace. With online nursing courses, students are given a course schedule and required assignment and exam deadlines. This means that if there is an area of the nursing class that you’re already well-versed in, you can spend less time on those sections and more on the unfamiliar topics. This is especially true for individuals who are going back to advance their existing degrees.
  • You choose what to forgo. There is no such thing as earning a degree without sacrificing something. In a traditional classroom setting, you have little control over what aspect of your life you’re going to sacrifice, because you must attend the same class at the same location every day, in addition to studying outside of classroom hours. In distance courses, you can choose to sacrifice a little bit of free time here, some work time there, and maybe that Saturday morning sleep-in. But, you’re in control of what you’re going to forfeit and when.
  • Learn essential communication skills. Through most courses, there is an aspect of the class that involves classroom discussion. These discussions take place in a designated online forum and include all of the nursing students enrolled in the course. In the absence of facial cues and body language, you will quickly learn how to communicate effectively in writing. This skill will prove helpful after you earn your nursing degree and enter the work field.

Selecting an Online Nursing Program
Deciding on the right nursing program doesn’t have to be an overwhelming ordeal. With a few essential steps, you can narrow down the programs and decide on one or two that would be perfect for you. Here are some things to consider and look into when researching various schools:

  • Equipment and Prerequisites. Before you go any further in researching your program, be sure that you have the prerequisite courses required to enter the program. If it turns out that you don’t, then you could potentially waste time and money during the application process. It is also important to ensure that you have the software and equipment necessary to be successful in the class, and a back-up plan in case your equipment fails.
  • Timeline. Some education programs are offered at an accelerated track, which is great for those who have the time and energy to complete an intensive amount of schoolwork in a short amount of time. If you’d rather take a more traditional track, be sure to enroll in nursing courses that reflect that desire.
  • Nursing Degree Programs. Not every nursing school offers the same degree programs. So, before you get your heart set on one school, be sure that it offers the degree that you wish to pursue.  It may also be helpful to see if the school offers other programs that you might be interested in enrolling in the future. That way, the application process the next time around will be even more streamlined.

Online Nursing Degrees
Nearly any nursing degree that you can earn in a traditional classroom can also be achieved in an online program. Although most coursework takes place online, there are degree programs that require mandatory clinical training. This is all laid out in the course description. These programs team students up with local healthcare facilities so that they can complete the required number of training hours. The following are several popular education courses and the approximate amount of time necessary to complete the degree.

  • Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Upon successful completion of this two-year program, graduates sit for the NCLEX, a national registered nurse certification exam. Graduates then receive registered nursing licensure and are eligible to use their certification.
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN). This four-year nursing degree involves registered nursing certification and completion of the NCLEX. Often, the students who pursue a BSN go on to work toward their Master’s of Science in Nursing degree.
  • Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). Students enrolled in this seven-year advanced nursing degree program are typically studying to become a nurse practitioner. Some MSN programs extend several more years, for the more highly specialized nurse practitioner careers.

Career Expectations For Nurses in New Mexico

New Mexico’s registered nurses earn a wage significantly higher than the state’s overall median wage of $43,790.[1] As a comparison, registered nurses in New Mexico earned an annual median income of $54,610-69,660. In a career field that is expected to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future,[3] it is clear that pursuing an online nursing degree is one step toward a rewarding and gainful career.

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