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New Hampshire, NH - RN to BSN Nursing School Program

If an RN with an ADN wishes to upgrade to a BSN at a later date, an RN to BSN education program is the ticket. Evening classes and online course offerings let them complete coursework around work hours, and NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams allow them to accelerate studies by skipping courses that focus upon skills and knowledge they have already acquired through work experience and on the job training. In some cases, they can be completed in as little as a year, and open up the possibilities that a BSN can offer.

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Applying to an RN to BSN program requires transcripts from previous RN training as well as references from their current workplace, both of which carry significant weight when evaluating an application. Once enrolled, studies focus upon advanced nursing concepts, methods and theories as well as electives that allow nurses to pursue areas of specific personal interest, like community health, philosophy of nursing, and more—electives are different in each program and largely based on instructor specialties.

Course work must be completed with a minimum grade point average to graduate, which can be as low as a 2.5; Registered Nurses leave the program with newfound knowledge and skills that open up a plethora of new opportunities within all fields of health care from the public to the private sphere.