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RN Nursing Programs in New Hampshire - NH

How to Become an RN in New Hampshire

There are two common options for Registered Nurse education in New Hampshire: an Associate Degree, Nursing (ADN), which takes two years once accepted, or a Bachelor’s Degree, Nursing (BSN), which is a four year degree. Before applying to a school of nursing, both degrees require around 10 prerequisite courses in general studies, which usually include physiology, psychology, biology, and other similar classes. High grades and volunteer experience are an asset to gaining entry and once enrolled in either program students take core courses in nursing care, plus some more general studies in areas like sociology, psychology, statistics, physiology, and more.

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The two degrees aren’t exactly the same for the first two years though; an ADN places more emphasis on practical training given the shorter time to prepare nurses for the workplace, while a BSN spends the first two years both on practical training and laying the groundwork for advanced studies in the final two years. And this is why half of the aspiring RNs in New Hampshire choose a BSN: it prepares students for a wider variety of careers beyond the hospital, as well as management and specialized positions within a direct health care setting.

The NCLEX-RN is a nationally-standardized final test for both an ADN and a BSN. Students apply to the New Hampshire Board of Nursing upon graduation and pay a $120 application fee and pass a criminal record check and submit fingerprints. Then, prospective RNs pay $200 to national examiners Pearson Vue and, once passed—as is the case for close to 9 out of every 10 first time applicants—students are licensed to work as a Registered Nurse.

RN Salary, Hours and Duties in New Hampshire

A Registered Nurse in New Hampshire can expect to make an average of $67,000* once they have some experience, with entry level nurses still making upwards of $60,000*, plus benefits, per year. The majority of RNs are employed by hospitals, where they work with doctors and direct nursing assistants and Licensed Practical Nurses in patient care. Those who work outside of the hospital in such settings as a physician’s office, retirement home, or other health care institution might not be responsible for as many cases as those in a hospital, but they still are required to think quickly and critically to balance the needs and problems of numerous patients at all times. Also, RNs are often expected to work atypical hours, with nights and weekends being common. *(according to