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Nebraska, NE | LPN to BSN Nursing School Program

Why Take an LPN to BSN in Nebraska?

An LPN to BSN education program in Nebraska provides both a bachelor’s degree and a chance to become licensed as a Registered Nurse. This translates to greatly increased work opportunities, both within and outside of a direct health care setting, and greatly improved earning power—RNs make, on average, fifty percent more than LPNs in Nebraska.

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How to Do an LPN to BSN in Nebraska

Both transcripts from previous training as well as recommendations from employers and documentation of any volunteer experience are necessary to apply to an LPN to BSN program in Nebraska. The program takes around three years, and is designed for Licensed Practical Nurses with the skills and ambition to upgrade their education and responsibility in the workplace. It leads to a Bachelor of Science, Nursing, while also preparing students for licensure as a Registered Nurse. This is achieved through course work that covers not only nursing-specific concepts, skills, research and theory, but also specialized topics such as public health programming, advanced psychology and much more—course offerings vary by school.

A Nebraska LPN to BSN education ends with the NCLEX-RN, which is the licensure test for Registered Nurses nationwide. The Nebraska Board of Nursing requires application along with a $123 application fee and exam administrators Pearson Vue require a payment of $200 to take the test. Once passed, students leave the program equipped with the knowledge, skills and credentials to pursue a nursing job that fits their personal interests, and often one in which they play a management role—a step up from the direct patient care duties often assigned to LPNs.