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How to Become a Nurse in Michigan, MI

To become a Registered Nurse (RN) in Michigan requires entry into one of two RN training programs:  BSN (Bachelor of Science, Nursing) or ADN (Associate Degree, Nursing).  One can also become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), which takes just a year, but also leads to lower-level nursing jobs and significantly lower wages—thus, many nursing students choose either an ADN or BSN.

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People who want to become a nurse in Michigan must start with prerequisite training upon graduation from high school. Prerequisites take around 4-6 months of full time study, and cover first year college topics like psychology, biology and physiology. Students then enter a nurse training program and spend the first year focusing upon patient care skills and the basics of nursing theory and practice. The second year of nursing education moves to advanced patient care techniques and broader-scale concepts of nurse management, theory, and even nursing research.

After two years, ADN students graduate and take the licensure test: The NCLEX-RN, which is standardized for prospective nurses nationwide (LPN students take the NCLEX-PN after one year). BSN students continue on with their studies and learn higher-level theory, practice and research skills, and take courses focusing on specific areas of interest like elderly care and pharmaceutical research, or any number of nursing-related topics that may be available within a specific program. They then take the same NCLEX-RN as ADN students after four years of study, and, upon passing the test, enter the workforce as a Registered Nurse.

To learn more about becoming a nurse in Michigan, such as available nursing jobs, typical nursing duties, and alternative nursing programs and licensure, visit our Michigan Nursing information page.