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Maine, ME | RN to BSN Nursing School Program

While an RN to BSN education program in Maine does not lead to any additional license, it does provide specialized knowledge and skills that can lead to a more interesting and rewarding career. Management-related course work, theoretical knowledge, and in-depth study of specialized topics are all part of the program, and both in senior positions in traditional health care settings, and private sphere opportunities become available, in addition to the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in nursing.

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Previous grades are important in applying for a Maine RN to BSN education program, but so are employer references, work experience, and volunteer activities. Flexible class schedules and online delivery are common, and it is possible to expedite education through NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams.

After entering the program, course work from nursing research, theory, and advanced processes are complemented by advanced psychology, pharmacology, third world health and a plethora of other electives. All that is required for graduation is a specific GPA, usually a C average, although some programs have higher standards. And upon graduation, a nurse is sure to have more opportunities both within their current workplace and outside of it.