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Louisiana, LA | RN to BSN Nursing School Program

While an RN to BSN education program in Louisiana does not lead to higher level licensure, it can still open the door to further job opportunities. Newfound knowledge gained through a BSN allows for specialization, further management-related course work, and further opportunities both in senior positions in traditional health care settings, and private sphere opportunities based on research and administrative skills picked up during the program.

Aside from previous grades, professional references, work experience, and volunteer activities also play a role in acceptance into an RN to BSN program in Louisiana. Flexible class schedules and online delivery are common, and it is possible to expedite education through NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams. Indeed, RN to BSN programs are an attractive option to currently working RNs who want to elevate their career options and earning potential while remaining in the work force.

Once admitted, courses cover advanced nursing processes, research and theory. In addition, courses in management, advanced psychology, pharmaceutical research, and beyond allow nurses to gain a broader spectrum of knowledge as they move towards graduation. All that is required for graduation is a specific GPA—usually a C average, although some programs have higher standards—as there is no final test. One remains a Registered Nurse, but opens up further opportunities for advancement based on their newfound knowledge with a BSN.