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Iowa, IA | RN to BSN Nursing School Program

Pursuing an RN to BSN education program in Iowa upgrades your education while still working. Evening and online course offerings mean the course work can be tailored to student needs. In addition, NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams, which analyze current knowledge and ability, let students skip the courses which cover skills and knowledge they already have through work experience and on the job training.
To apply, one must have a current RN license. Competitive entry means that simply holding a license is not always enough—previous grades play a large role in determining acceptance.

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Once accepted, courses focus on nursing practice, research and theory at a more advanced level. In addition, courses in sociology, psychology, pharmacology and more allow nurses to gain a broader spectrum of knowledge as they move towards graduation. There is no final test, but usually a minimum graduating GPA, which can be as low as a C average, or as high as a B average—it varies by program. Upon graduation, students are equipped with vastly increased breadth and depth of knowledge and skills as it pertains to nursing both within typical health care institutions and beyond. It can also be used as a stepping stone to the pursuit of graduate studies and licensure as an Advanced Practice Nurse.