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Iowa, IA - LPN Nursing Program Information

How to Become an LPN in Iowa

Before entering an LPN training program in Iowa, about 30 credits of prerequisite study are required. Then, students submit an application to the college of nursing that they wish to enter. Entry is competitive based on grades so it is advisable to do well. It is important to keep in mind that there are several options for pursuing an LPN: LPN-specific programs, or BSN/ADN programs with early exit LPN options. However, they all take around the same amount of time—one year.

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After a year of studies in nursing practice is complete, students take the final exam: the National Counsel Licensing Examination-Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN). It costs $200 to take the test through national examiners Pearson Vue, and the Iowa Board of Nursing charges a $93 application fee and $50 criminal background check fee, for a total of $143. The test is a licensure examination, and is the last step to beginning work as an LPN in Iowa.

Iowa LPN Salary, Hours and Duties

The job market is wide open for Licensed Practical Nurses in Iowa, where their average income is around $37,000 (according to, plus benefits. Most Iowa LPNs find employment in hospitals, but jobs are also available in retirement homes, doctor’s offices, and other health care institutions. Their everyday tasks revolve around directly caring for patients. They monitor patient status, feed them, and even help Registered Nurses devise a plan of care. Although a normal work week entails around 40 hours on the job, their hours may vary significantly from a normal nine-to-five schedule. After all, many patients need care around the clock.