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Iowa, IA | LPN to BSN Nursing School Program

Why Do an LPN to BSN in Iowa?

There is an obvious benefit to taking an LPN to BSN education program in Iowa: Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science, Nursing (BSN), make more than fifty percent more than LPNs in Iowa. IN addition, LPN to BSN programs can lead to job opportunities not available to LPNs, both within and outside of traditional health care settings. Lastly, getting a BSN is another stepping stone towards post-graduate study and becoming an Advanced Practice Nurse, a degree that can lead to any number of topics of interest becoming your day-to-day pursuit.

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How to Do an LPN to BSN in Iowa

An Iowa LPN to BSN program takes around three years if full time study is undertaken. The first step is being accepted into a college or university for general studies. Then, one applies directly to the college of nursing within that school—entrance is largely based on grades in previous LPN training. Once accepted, a diverse range of course offerings focus on nursing practice, theory and research. However, given the extra time allotted to pursuing a BSN, it is possible to pursue electives outside of the nursing department such as developmental psychology and the politics of health, as well as targeted nursing classes relate to disaster response, bioterrorism and more. Additionally, students are well prepared to take the RN licensure examination: the NCLEX-RN. It costs $143 to apply to the Iowa Board of Nursing and pass a criminal background check, and $200 to take through Pearson Vue. Successful graduates leave the program with a BSN, a license to practice as a Registered Nurse, and a depth and breadth of knowledge that gives them a leg up on many of their peers.