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How to Become a Nurse in Iowa, IA

Nurses in Iowa earn great wages, have great job prospects, and work in a dynamic workplace. So, how to become a nurse in Iowa?

The vast majority of professional nurses in Iowa are Registered Nurses, and there are two typical education programs to become a Registered Nurse: Associate Degree, Nursing (ADN) and Bachelor Degree, Nursing (BSN). An ADN takes two years to complete and a BSN takes four years to complete. The first two years of a BSN are much like an ADN, focusing upon patient care skills, nurse management, research, nursing theory and so forth. In addition, many ADN programs have an early exit option to become a Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN) after a year as well—a degree that can be completed through a one year diploma program in some cases.

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Where ADNs leave off, BSNs pick up with further advanced care and theory of nursing courses, and a plethora of electives, which vary from program to program, but can cover many diverse topics like third world health, pediatrics, maternity, pharmaceutical research, and much, much more.

At the culmination of a professional nursing education program, nurses take the nationally-standardized NCLEX exam—there are both LPN and RN versions—and close to ninety percent of students pass. It is a licensure examination and the last step to becoming a nurse in Iowa.

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