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Idaho, ID - RN to BSN Nursing School Program

The main focus of RN to BSN education programs in Idaho is to allow currently employed Registered continue their education while they work. Evening classes and online course offerings allow students to complete the program when they aren’t on the job. Additionally, NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams analyze current knowledge and ability and allow students to skip courses that cover skills and knowledge they have already picked up in the workplace. If a nurse has picked up a lot of skills on the job, this can speed up an RN to BSN significantly.

To apply, one must have a current RN license in Idaho and entry is competitive, mostly based on grades in previous formal education. A C average is a common minimum, but this doesn’t guarantee entry by any means—sometimes only the best applicants are selected to enter a college of nursing and an RN to BSN program. Courses are largely an extension of previous RN training, with nursing practice, research and theory all playing a prominent role. In addition, some electives in specialized areas of study such as health care law and community health programming and so on are usually available. There isn’t a cumulative final test, but they do have minimum GPA requirements for graduation, usually around a C average. Students graduate with increased knowledge and skills, and, if their grades are good enough, the opportunity to continue to graduate studies and become an Advanced Practice Nurse.