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Georgia, GA - LPN Nursing Program Information

How to Become an LPN in Georgia

It takes half a year to complete prerequisite courses for nursing school in Georgia. The courses include both arts and sciences, and topics like English, math, psychology, and physiology. It is only after completing these courses with satisfactory grades—a minimum of a C average, but usually higher is required to get accepted—students then apply to a college of nursing’s LPN program or BSN/ADN program with an early exit LPN option.

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It takes around a year to complete the requisite courses to qualify for the National Counsel Licensing Examination-Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN). Pearson Vue charges $200 to take the test and the Georgia Board of Nursing charges $40 to apply to take the test. Once passed, a Georgia LPN license will be issued.

Georgia LPN Salary, Hours and Duties

An average LPN salary in Georgia is around $40,000 per year (according to in metropolitan areas, plus benefits provided by their employers at doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes and beyond. Their normal duties in all these setting predominantly concerns direct care for patients: giving medicine, feeding, monitoring, and providing emotional support for patients and so forth. A forty-hour work week is normal, but atypical hours, ranging from nights to split shift and early mornings is common as well.