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Georgia, GA - LPN to RN Nursing School Program

Why Take an LPN to RN Program in Georgia?

Taking an LPN too RN in Georgia not only greatly improves workplace responsibility and job opportunities, but also earning power. RNs in Georgia are responsible for a wider range of tasks that require more critical thinking to complete, like devising plans of care and managing a nursing team. Essentially, an LPN to RN program in Georgia opens the door to wages and work opportunities that are not available to Licensed Practical Nurses.

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How to Do a LPN to RN Program in Georgia

LPN to RN education programs in Georgia take around a year and they can be done either online or in a traditional college setting. Course work is largely an extension of previous training, and, because it adds another year of academic nurse training, it can often result in an Associate Degree of Nursing, or ADN. To get in, schools consider grades during LPN training, and of course one must be licensed as an LPN. Some schools also require work experience as an LPN—usually a year.

LPN to RN education programs get students ready for the National Council Licensure Examination, Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN), which costs $200 to take through Pearson Vue, and $40 to apply through the Georgia Board of Nursing. With the proper preparation becoming an RN through an LPN to RN program is a very realistic goal—9 out of every 10 candidates pass the test the first time they take it.