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Florida, FL | LPN Nursing Program Information

How to Become an LPN in Florida

State-approved LPN programs in Florida take around a year to complete. While LPN courses are available statewide in colleges, universities and beyond, entry requirements differ because of the acceptance guidelines of various schools. However, before applying to an LPN program, prerequisite college courses must be completed. This can add another six months to a year to studies, as usually 30 credit hours, or ten courses are required from both scientific topics such as human anatomy and microbiology, as well as arts classes such as psychology and interpersonal communication. It is necessary to do well in these courses—although minimum requirements for entry can be as low as a C average, entry into nursing programs is highly competitive and grades are the biggest factor in deciding who gets into the best programs.

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Every nursing school has its own admission procedures but, once admitted, LPN programs typically take around 60 credit hours of study to complete, or one year.  While some programs stand alone as LPN-specific, it is also possible to take the National Counsel Licensing Examination-Practical Nursing (NCLEX-PN) after the first year of an Associate Degree, Nursing. No matter which route you take, The Florida Board of Nursing charges a $204 application fee before taking to NCLEX-PN, which includes a criminal background check. Although criminal background approval is conducted on a case to case basis, it is important to note that a criminal background may lead to denial of your application by the Board of Nursing. Furthermore, it is important to note that a two hour course in the prevention of medical errors must be taken prior to the test as per Florida Statute.

Once a student has passed the NCLEX-PN, they are eligible to begin working as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Florida. Once employed, an LPN license must be renewed every two years at a cost of $145 after completing 24 hours of continuing education.

Becoming a NCLEX-PN can be a rewarding career by itself, but it can also be the first step along a path to becoming a Registered Nurse, receiving a Bachelor of Science, Nursing, and beyond.