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Delaware, DE - RN to BSN Nursing School Program

The main reason to take a Delaware RN to BSN is to improve your education while remaining in the work force. Night classes and distance education make learning accessible outside of work hours, and advanced placement through NLN Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams, which analyze current knowledge and ability and allow students to skip courses that cover skills and knowledge they have already picked up in the workplace, allow students to speed up the process.

Application for an RN to BSN program is the same as other nursing programs. There is a minimum GPA requirement—usually around 2.5 in previous nursing courses—and current registration as a RN is necessary. After one is accepted, class work largely focuses on taking knowledge further through advanced topics like nursing theory, research, management and more. There isn’t a cumulative final test, but they do have minimum GPA requirements for graduation, usually around a C average.

With a BSN in hand, new skills and education can help a nurse move up the ladder in their own work place and explore options for advancement both within and outside of a health care setting. It is not uncommon to find work doing research for drug companies, or acting in a management position in public health programs.