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Delaware, DE - LPN to RN Nursing School Program

Why Take an LPN to RN Program in Delaware?

The two main reasons to take an LPN to RN program in Delaware are increased wages—up to a fifty percent wage increase is possible by upgrading to an RN—and increased standing in the workplace. Delaware RNs are the direct superiors to LPNs, and they are responsible for a wider range of tasks that require more critical thinking to complete, such as making patient care plans. Essentially, an LPN to RN program in Delaware opens the door to wages and work opportunities that are not available to Licensed Practical Nurses.

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How to Do a LPN to RN Program in Delaware

It takes a year to finish LPN to RN education programs in Delaware and they are usually available online as well as in a classroom. Course work is largely an extension of previous training, and, because it adds another year of academic nurse training, it can often result in an Associate Degree of Nursing, or ADN. Entry is based on performance during LPN training, and prerequisites, predictably, are licensure as an LPN and work experience as well—at least a year, in most cases.

The main focus of an LPN to RN program is to prepare students for the next—and highest level—of nursing licensure: the National Council Licensure Examination, Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). It costs $97 to apply for the exam and $200 to take it. Once the test has been passed—as is the case for almost 90 percent of first-time candidates—one moves from LPN to RN, and is ready to reap the rewards of increased wages and responsibility, and explore career options beyond those available to an LPN.