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How to Become a CNA in Connecticut

Depending on your goals and qualifications to meet the CNA requirements in Connecticut, CT you may want to answer a few basic questions before you proceed on the right education path. 

  1. Please Choose Your Highest Level of Education

The health sector of Connecticut’ economy is growing, and the demand for CNA's is growing rapidly along with it. In Connecticut, CNAs are officially known as “Certified Nursing Aides”, as opposed to Certified Nursing Assistants as in many other states. Like many other states, there is a severe shortage of nursing staff in Connecticut. This means opportunities for CNA's in Connecticut are plentiful. Full time Certified Nursing Aides can expect to make around $23,000-$35,000 per year in Connecticut depending on experience, including benefits, which is well above the national average. With growing health care needs, Connecticut is an attractive place to start a career in the health sector as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Connecticut CNA Training

CNA's in Connecticut must complete a minimum of 100 hours of training approved by the Connecticut Department of Health, which typically consists of 50 hours of classroom study, with the remainder spent in a supervised clinical setting. The cost is typically low and there are many opportunities for funding through state and college grants as well. Additionally, some long term care facilities offer free training if you sign a work agreement. With 155 approved Certified Nurse Aide programs in Connecticut, finding one close to home should be easy.

CNA License in Connecticut

In order to become CNA in Connecticut, students must take the national Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam through Prometric, with seven locations throughout the state. Prometric provides practice tests and more online to help you fully prepare for a CNA license test in Connecticut. A license must be renewed every two years, which requires eight hours of paid employment as a CNA over the previous two years.

Connecticut CNA Programs

There are currently 155 approved Certified Nursing Aide programs in Connecticut, from high schools to colleges and community centers. The Department of Health provides a list of these programs.