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Nursing Schools in Colorado, CO

There are 25 state-approved LPN programs in Colorado, ranging from diploma programs to BSN and ADN programs with an early exit option, as listed by the Colorado Board of Nursing . In addition, there are 36 schools that offer RN training, whether through ADN, BSN, or LPN to ADN, or LPN to BSN options, as listed by the Colorado Board of Nursing . The Colorado Board of Nursing also provides pass rates organized by program for both RN and LPN programs in the state . Pass rates are just one important aspect when deciding on a program—it is advisable to research the cost, and whether they offer training in your specific area of interest as well.

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Nursing Schools Through Online Programs in Colorado

Colorado is a well-populated state with a number of opportunities for earning an advanced education. In addition to several campus-based programs, the state also features over fifty different online nursing programs to choose from. In a state with an impressive 834 nurses per 100,000 population [1], entering the nursing field is certainly a good choice.

Advantages of Online Nursing Courses

Although it isn’t always easy to work independently, without the walls of a classroom to hold you accountable, there are many advantages that come along with earning an online degree.

  • Cost. Especially if you don’t live near a college or university campus, you will save a significant amount of travel expenses by taking courses online. In addition, if you want to achieve your degree at a slower pace, you can enroll in classes one or two at a time over the course of the years, so that there aren’t enormous upfront costs for tuition and books.
  • Autonomy. If your personality is such that you enjoy setting your own schedule and being in control of when and where to study, then online courses are likely a good choice for you. For most courses, instructors merely give outlines for when assignments and exams must be completed. At that point, it is up to the students to motivate themselves to meet those deadlines.
  • Communication. Although there is a lot of solo work, there is also opportunity for communication with classmates. In fact, many online courses require that students log on to the class forum and discuss a topic with their fellow classmates. The unique thing about this is that the students are located all over Colorado and potentially, the entire nation.

Selecting an Online Nursing Program

Before enrolling in an online nursing program, it is essential to do your homework. There are several steps to take that will help ensure a smooth start to your career.

  • Determine which department you’re going to pursue. For those just entering the field, this is most likely an Associate’s degree: a two year program that includes coursework and hands-on training required to sit for the national nursing exam (NCLEX).
  • Research the various schools that offer your desired degree. Compare the costs, required equipment, and course timeline to ensure that the school is a good fit for you. Some schools’ online nursing courses are offered on a staggered schedule, which means that every class isn’t offered every quarter. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine the current course schedule so as to make the most out of your time.
  • Set up a schedule for yourself. Although the flexibility of online courses is appealing, without the accountability of a schedule, it can be easy to let coursework fall by the wayside. Determine where and when you will study and stick to it. Have a back-up plan in place in case your normal study area loses internet connection or is closed.

Online Nursing Degrees

There are a number of different nursing degrees that can be pursued online. An Associate’s degree in Nursing takes approximately two years to achieve. Upon completion of the course, students sit for the national nursing exam (NCLEX) and upon passing that, earn their registered nursing license.

Those pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing will do so in approximately four years, during which time, students will take the NCLEX exam and receive even further training than is provided for the Associate’s degree.

One popular option is to pursue a Master’s of Science in Nursing online. Graduates of the MSN program often train to be Nurse Practitioners, specializing in specific areas of their field. Upon successful of the MSN program, students sit for a national certification exam that is based upon their specialty area.

Still others enroll in PhD in nursing programs. Often, the graduates of these programs go on to teach nursing at colleges and universities.

Career Expectations for Nurses in Colorado

It is predicted that the nursing field will continue to grow in the coming years, thanks in large part to the advances in technology that have made it possible to treat more complex cases, and more patients than ever before.[2]

Registered nurses in Colorado will likely see this prediction come to fruition because of the population of the state and the number of first-rate healthcare facilities it contains. Colorado’s registered nurses earn an annual median wage of $56,190-70,210, depending upon the area within the state.[2] This amount is comparable to $ $59,964, the reported annual median wage for the entire state.[1]

As is the case with most occupations, registered nurses with an advanced degree earn significantly more than the annual median wage. Advanced degree nurses are still considered registered nurses by reporting standards, though their training may include a specialty as a nurse practitioner or other highly-specialized nursing field.

Cities in Colorado, CO Most Likely To Have Nursing School Programs:  Looking for a nursing school program or course in your area? Chances are there is a campus close by. If not, don’t give up too soon.  Nursing Degrees and Schools in Colorado can be available via online programs, which are accredited and very useful to enter the health care sectors in Colorado, CO.  Commonly nursing schools are available from or in the following cities:Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Thornton, Pueblo, Arvada, Westminster, Centennial, Boulder, Highlands, Ranch, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, Grand Junction, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Commerce City

[1]State Health Facts




Cities in Colorado, CO with Nursing School Campuses in Close Locations:  In smaller populated cities Nursing School Programs are not as widespread, therefore you may have to research nearby locations to find a nursing school course or be open to online nursing programs.  Online classes have been found to be a convenient route to attaining a nursing degree.  The following cities in Colorado, CO may have a near campus:Parker, Littleton, Northglenn, Brighton, Ken Caryl, Dakota Ridge, Englewood, Wheat Ridge, Pueblo West, Fountain, Lafayette, Columbine, Clifton, Montrose, Golden, Windsor, Evans, Louisville, Sherrelwood, Erie, Durango, Canon City, Cimarron Hills