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Colorado, CO - LPN to RN Nursing School Program

Why Enter an LPN to RN Program in Colorado?

An LPN to RN program not only increases earning potential by close to fifty percent, but it can also lead to a much more interesting career. As opposed to the $41,500* average salary of LPNs in the state, Colorado Registered Nurses average around $67,000* in cities like Denver. And for nurses who want more diversity and responsibility in their jobs, becoming an RN has its benefits as well. They oversee and manage Licensed Practical Nurses and lesser trained caregivers such as Certified Nursing Assistants, assess patient needs, and even create and modify a plan of care based on their own assessments. In short, an LPN to RN program in Colorado opens the door to wages and work opportunities that are not available to Licensed Practical Nurses. (according to

How to Do a Colorado LPN to RN Program

Colorado LPN to RN programs take around a year to complete and are available in both traditional classroom settings as well as online. In order to apply, one must be currently licensed as an LPN, and, in addition, most programs require a year’s experience in the work force as well. LPN to RN courses largely provide further in-depth training that builds upon the skills an LPN already has, focusing on topics like patient care, medication, and more, while also building knowledge of physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and other academic topics. Due to the fact that LPN to RN training in Colorado adds another year of nursing training to the previous year of study, it can also lead to an Associate Degree of Nursing, or ADN.

An LPN to RN program gets students ready for the National Council Licensure Examination, Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). It costs $200 to take the test through Pearson Vue, and the Colorado Board of Nursing also charges $88 for application and requires a criminal background check—certain criminal offenses may stand in the way of licensure, and, if there is any doubt, it is best to check with your program of choice as to whether this may impede the possibility of becoming an RN. Pass rates for the test are above 85 percent for candidates in Colorado, and slightly higher for those graduating from an LPN to RN program. And once the test has been passed, a nurse is ready for more responsibility, more career options, and much higher wages.