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Nursing Schools in California, CA

There are over 100 state approved RN schools in California, from Anaheim to Ventura and beyond. The California Board of Registered Nursing provides a convenient list of these programs and contact information organized by degree , as well as a list of LPN schools and programs focused specifically on public health . Another interesting resource providing by the California Board of Registered Nursing is their list of pass rates on the NCLEX-RN organized by school, which can give you an idea of which programs produce students best prepared to take the test—a valuable resource when selecting which program to enter.

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Nursing Schools Through Online Programs in California

In a state as expansive and on-the-go as California, taking nursing courses online is an ideal option for many individuals. From students straight out of high school, to practicing nurses who want to advance their degrees, and even individuals who are looking to switch career fields, online nursing schools offer something for every kind of student. The hardest decision will likely be in choosing just one nursing program to enroll in.

Advantages of Online Nursing Programs
In the not too distant past, receiving an education online was unusual and often inconvenient. Nowadays, thanks to the high speed of wireless internet, the convenience of laptop computers, and the ability to utilize both from home or the local coffee shop, achieving an online degree has never been more convenient. Other advantages of pursuing an online nursing degree include:

  • Keeping up-to-date on technology. Using the internet and computers on a daily basis for coursework lends itself to a further understanding of technology. In the healthcare field, this is particularly beneficial.
  • Setting your own schedule. Although it does take a great deal of autonomy and self-discipline to successfully complete an online nursing program, focused students find that being able to study and take exams when and where they please is very helpful.
  • No life interruption. From busy parents to those already established in their careers, taking online courses allows students to pursue a degree without significantly interrupting their careers and home life.
  • Results in real-time. Many assignments and exams of online courses are scored immediately following completion. This allows both students and instructors to see in real-time how a student is performing and adjust studying methods accordingly.

Degrees Available from Online Nursing Courses
In California, there are over fifty different online schools that provide nursing degrees. From pre-licensure nursing courses all the way to Masters of Science in Nursing and even PhD in Nursing Education, there is an online nursing program for everyone.

In addition to book work and other course assignments, there are several nursing degrees that require clinical training. Students enrolled in these programs will be set up with a local clinic where they can fulfill the training requirements. Therefore, when researching the different types of nursing programs, it is beneficial to ensure that the affiliated clinics are located near you.

Where to Use a Nursing Degree in California
One benefit of a nursing degree is the flexibility that comes with being a registered nurse. Hospitals and family clinics are always an option, but there are other ways to utilize a nursing degree in a way that coincides with your own interests and passion. When searching for a way to use a nursing degree in California, it may be helpful to research different statistics about the state. For instance, California ranks first in the nation for suicides.[1] One unique and beneficial way to utilize a nursing degree would be to work in a mental health clinic. California also ranks first in the nation for number of children with Autism.[1] If you have a passion for working alongside children with special needs, it may be helpful to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and work as an Occupational Therapist. Another way to utilize a nursing degree is in labor and delivery and neo-natal care as California also ranks first in the nation for number of births and number of births of low birth weight.[1]

Career Expectations for Nurses in California

The healthcare field is continually growing as individuals advance in their fields, retire, and relocate. The same is particularly true for the nursing field. In fact, the employment of registered nurses is expected to increase by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018 due to the increase in individuals pursuing preventative care as well as the proliferation of technology.[2]

The wages earned by registered nurses in California depend on several factors, namely geographic location and education.  For instance, the reported annual median wage for California’s registered nurses is lowest in the smaller area of Yuba City, CA at $59,750. On the other hand, the more highly populated metropolitan of San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara, CA reports an annual median wage of $122,400.[2]

It is interesting to note that these wage reports do not differentiate between registered nurses and nurse practitioners, because both occupations require registered nursing licensure. Therefore, for those with advanced nursing degrees, it is helpful to compare the annual income of registered nurses that fall in the 90th percentile. For California, these wages ranged fell between $98,490 and $147,930.[2]

As a comparison, the median annual income for the entire state of California is $56,862.[3] When you put the wages of registered nurses side by side with the average income of California residents, it’s clear that nurses in California earn a wage that is matched by the training and requirements of the nursing career.

Cities in California, CA Most Likely To Have Nursing School Programs:  Looking for a nursing school program or course in your area? Chances are there is a campus close by. If not, don’t give up too soon.  Nursing Degrees and Schools in California can be available via online programs, which are accredited and very useful to enter the health care sectors in California, CA.  Commonly nursing schools are available from or in the following cities:Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Riverside, Stockton, Chula Vista, Fremont, Irvine, San Bernadino, Modesto, Oxnard, Fontana, Moreno Valley, Glendale, Huntington Beach, Santa Clarita, Garden Grove, Santa Rosa, Oceanside, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Lancaster, Elk Grove, Palmdale, Corona, Salinas, Pomona, Torrance, Hayward, Escondido, Sunnyvale, Pasadena, Orange, Fullerton, Thousand Oaks, East Los Angeles, Visalia, Simi Valley


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